The Taurus Mountains are rising with great pomp and we start to walk by following our 300 years old route with taste of Ermenek Halva in our mouth and keeping our traditions alive in our mind. When we reach the great nature of the Taşeli Plateau at a height of 1600 meters, we find what we are looking for source of Toros Naturel.

As Toros Naturel, we still follow the same production technique and processes that our founder, our father Ahmet Aydoğdu has used. We continue to carry this taste -which is sugar-free and made from grape molasses of Ermenek grape, tahini and soapwort and -(bu kısım olmasa da olur ) to the future, producing in fully automatic machines with daily capacity of 5 tons and providing the all hygiene conditions.

The recipe that we took over from our father is packed in accordance with the modern age dynamism and we use glass jars for health and freshness. Every product that we produce carefully, addresses to the customer’s palate with tastes and customer’s eye with package. We try our best to express ourselves and become a new generation traditional flavour.

We keep Toros Halva alive because it is 100% natural, healthy, traditional, delicious and it is from us. Tahini and grape molasses are also in our product range. We aim to start production and sales of variety of natural products such as; bar halva, foam halva and honey.

We will always have philosophy of additives-free and sugar-free product production. We will always continue to produce in the most natural way, taking hygiene conditions into consideration.

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